The Essential Tools

Want to know how I do me? Here's a comprehensive list of the tools I use, resources I learn from, and other recommendations I live by.


Macbook Pro 13" - solid tank for productivity and light 3D work.
iPhone - any smartphone is great. I prefer the polish of iOS.
Bose in-ear headphones - just used them to block out a crying baby on a plane. They sound so good.
Lenovo wireless mouse - portable, but good enough for gaming. I own three.
Kindle Paperwhite - my preferred way of reading. Day or night, the screen reads like a dream.


Cinema 4D - a user-friendly and powerful 3D tool. This is where I spend my time.
Octane Render - use your video card to render more beautifully faster!
World Machine - node-based landscape creation. Limitless power, Windows 3.1 interface.
Sketch - the only application you need for UI design. It works like a dream. Mac only.
Adobe Photoshop - you know it, you love it. The first step for any designer.
Adobe After Effects - motion graphics, editing, tracking, plugins galore.


Squarespace - the best website designer around. This site is hosted here.
Digital Tutors - the tutorial site that taught me Cinema 4D. Now owned by Pluralsight.
Greyscalegorilla - making beautiful shiny balls in Cinema 4D. These guys are amazing.
Video Copilot - "Hey guys, it's Andrew Kramer!" Learning After Effects? Go here. - the ultimate image texture site on the internet.
Beeple - Mike Winkelmann blowing our minds every day with his art.
Gmunk - the motion graphics guy.


Dead of Winter - a zombie survival board game that is worth your time.
Galaxy lasers - want to blow the minds of every guest that visits your home? This.
Wusthof santoku knife - I own maybe eight knives but only use this one. It's perfect.
Dr. Bronner's soap - body soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Toothpaste. Detergent. All-in-one.
Leatherman - the multi-tool that everyone needs. Makes for a great gift.
Headlamp - a bright, waterproof headlamp comes in handy more than you might think.


Sonicare - this toothbrush really does make a difference. Switch today.
Darn Tough socks - soft, squishy merino wool socks with a lifetime warranty. Not joking.
Omron body composition scale - track your weight, BMI, body fat percent, muscle percent, metabolism.


4-Hour Workweek/Body/Chef by Timothy Ferriss - these changed my life. Thank you Tim!
Steal Like an Artist and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon - great advice on the creative process.
How to Win Friends & Influence People - sounds shady, but is full of timeless wisdom.