Tax Brackets and How They Work

Proper Dental Hygiene Could Save You $X,XXX

Selling Your Art

The Instagram Etiquette

Shopify vs Society6

The Best Social Networks for Artists

My Art Workflow: From Creation to Sales

Max out Your IRA Early in the Year
In ten years this alone could net you $14,507 more than if you delay filling your IRA.

How to Deconstruct Impossible Goals into Actionable, 5-Minute Tasks
Start by listing out big goals that keep putting off. Now find the trigger that will get the ball rolling. (I'm lazy to take out contacts - get better glasses. I'm bad at keeping on a diet - learn three simple meals that are easy to shop for.)

Meditation (i.e. chillin' out for like a sec)
Ten minutes a day can shift your stress and mindset significantly.

Get an edge up when writing everything from emails to Facebook posts. (use referral -

Essential Applications for Creatives

Exercise Three Times Daily, Not Weekly
Changing my perception of exercise has changed it from gym sessions to practical routines.

Reminder: Retirement doesn't just happen.
Hit the bullet points of why we need to start saving today.

Save the Receipt
When is it smart to keep the packaging for a new product? And how about that receipt?

Brand Loyalty
Discuss when it's smart or wasteful to be loyal to a specific brand. Bose. Apple. Q-tip.

Personal Goal App
Declare your goals then get connected with another real human. Through the app, you can message back and forth and push notifications to make sure each other is keeping on top of things. If enough trust is built, the users can then exchange phone numbers for real phone calls to further amplify the motivation.

Playlist to make yourself feel badass while walking around town

Best AE Plugins

Best Cinema 4D Plugins

Inspirational Websites
List the top websites for design and animation inspiration and reference.

Health Checks
Collect and organize immunization records, at-home checks for thyroid problems, breast lumps, prostate, etc. Flu shots. Tetanus shots.

Urban Survival
What to do in a city for the following events: floods, earthquakes, shootings, explosions/bombs.

Cleaning Workflow
Start the automated processes like laundry, dishwasher, sprinklers, drain-o, etc. Do the easy stuff first - put away things that have a home/dust, vacuum, clean counter tops. These first two steps should be quick and routine. Once you have a solid base, tackle the larger obstacles (organizing piles of stuff, going through bills and paperwork, sorting through boxes, donating old stuff)

My Daily OCD
Walk through a day of my OCD habits. Tri-folding the hand towel and bath towel. Wiping down the sink. Closing the shower curtain. Etc.

Make your websites load up to 70% faster with the use of efficient PNGs. This website strips out unnecessary data to make your PNG filesizes tiny. I was able to compress down from 4.2MB to 1.6MB.

The Five-Minute Journal
After using for a few days, write about how it's affected my daily life.

Aligning Chaos Leads to Organization
Show before and after photos of simple messes and explain how that can spread to all parts of life.

How to Successfully Fail at a Diet
Talk about my Health Binge and why it failed, followed by how I've gotten back on it.

iPhone App Idea - First Impression
Much like Tinder, but instead of finding matches, you simply give people your honest first impression of them based on their profile and photos. In return, you also give first impressions to others.

Organizing with Ziplock Bags
Show photos and explain some of my uses of ziplocks around the house.

The Making of a simple Cinema 4D scene

The Power of Asking and Social Media
Make connections to get better deals. I was able to get $50 off of a T-Mobile bill for just pinging Facebook.

Ripping packing bubbles and napkins

Workout routines

The Cost of the Commute
Car payments, gas, parking, time wasted, stress, insurance, maintenance, depreciation).

How to use a foodsaver (Maria)

Think about your life in and out of context.
You're alive. You're literate. You aren't worried about food and shelter. You aren't a hamster confined in a glass cell. You're also tiny. If a bowling ball is the earth, you're less than a grain of sand. Now multiply that by infinity. We are nothing, but relatively, it is everything.

How to make the most out of a free hour
Learn a skill, online surveys?, exercise, write letters to friends

Computer Pro Tips
Right click always open with... | Using a period in your gmail address to sign up for newsletters or multiple Twitter/Mint accounts

Pro Tips to Impress Your Coworkers
Awesome screenshot tool for capturing full page screenshots of websites

Which Camera You Should Buy
Keep it simple. Talk about the Rebels, Powershots, and 5D/7D/6D.

Gamify Your Life
Carrot Workout, Walkr, Plant Nanny, etc

Public Transportation
Compare Uber, taxi, bus, walking, driving; tips for each