This is actually how I look when I work every day. Seriously. Totally not kidding.

This is actually how I look when I work every day. Seriously. Totally not kidding.

Minimalist Lifestyle Design and Digital Art

Welcome to The Minimal Minute! My name is Eddy Adams and I am these things -


Seattle, WA. Burning Man. Picklebacks. Cinema 4D. Kittens. Bernie. Investing. Puns. Quinoa. Efficiency. Tarantino. Marinara. 3D Coat. Reggie Watts. iOS. Shoutmap. After Effects. Punctuation. Octane Render. Beeple. Love. The Beatles.


But enough about me, let's talk about The Minimal Minute. This site is the place where I share two things: articles about minimalist lifestyle design and art that reflects those tendencies. The blog posts I write focus on ways to improve your life by minimizing clutter and maximizing efficiency. This includes tips on cleaning, organization, aesthetics, habit formation, and so on.

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Love, Eddy